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Our Mission

Do you feel like you want to make a difference but you are worried the money will not get to where it is meant to go.. Well I have had those feelings in my own charity I have given to many places through the years and this is another reason I created such a wonderful nonprofit is because the money that comes here goes straight to those who need it.

If you want to just send money that is great but I also have projects that need funding where i will have pictures and even videos posted for everyone so that you can follow the process.

We also have retreat centers which we are excited to continue to expand in many special locations around the world. The retreat centers are for people who are looking to get rehabilitated from outside influences.

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Meet Tammy

IMG_6611 Since I was a little girl, I have seen many people who were acting as though they were struggling when in fact they were not. They were the ones creating the struggle and had the opportunity to have much more if they just opened their eyes.

My passion since childhood has been to give to people who do not have the tools that they need. To name a few: clothing, food, shelter, emotional support, spiritual guidance and letting people know that someone does care and someone out there wants to see them be happy.

So many people do not realize that unfortunate events happen to even the best of us. Because we have so many people judging us instead of helping us, people become filled with anger, loss, disappointment, selfishness, and simply stop caring and wanting to make their lives better because they have only heard that they can change, but are not inspired of how they can change.

I want to gather people together and bring back what once was a unity. A team of people who are all fighting for the same thing; fulfillment in their souls. What is being fulfilled cannot be answered in one way. It is different for each person so with my nonprofit I want to help people know that God is alive and lives through us by us helping others get back on their feet.

Help people be fed, but then the knowing of how to continue feeding themselves. Clothe them and giving the knowledge of how to then find a way to continue to clothe themselves. Help give people the spiritual faith in which they need to believe in themselves again. Help people see that there is not one way to God. There are many religions and beliefs, but we get lost sometimes because we do not know which one to choose. Once again because of judgement and a feeling of being forced to be one way.

We get lost in our own desires or our own faith. We are just focused on following what people say not what we want or to have our own relationship with God and our Angels. I know people want to have a relationship because through my own work, that I have been doing for well over 30 years, I have seen that people want to be connected to something which is a positive energy source and this is our creator, our God.

When I teach people that this can be done, they can have their very own relationship, it becomes so easy for them to then find a way to get food, pay for clothing, have a roof over their heads, and get a paying job.

How? Because with self-love, self-confidence any one can be anything and I teach this with my nonprofit whether it’s in my radio show or in my books or in my talks/lectures.

The thing that makes me feel like the richest person alive is to see these people succeed and get them to a higher place within themselves and with God. I have seen the most unlikely people be the best examples of the most loving people you could ever meet. This has happened over and over again through my years. It’s time to take this world wide and get you involved.

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