Healing and Wellness Centers

The House of Angels Foundation is dedicated to creating Healing and Wellness Centers for those in critical need. The Centers will be a source of food, shelter, clothing, nurturing, and spiritual counseling. The Centers will be a place for children to receive the nurturing they need to grow and flourish as they are meant. They will be given the tools they need to understand who they truly are so they can live their life’s true purpose. As a Spiritual Minister and Intuitive Life Coach, our Founder Tammy Adams wants to establish these centers so that those in need can receive healing.

South America Orphanage

Children are at the heart of the House of Angels Foundation. We are committed to providing for every child in need around the world. Beginning with establishing and building an orphanage and sanctuary in South America. There are so many innocent lives in need of nurturing, love, shelter, sustenance, education and medical care. Our mission is to create a place where these children can call home, feel safe and cared for. This has been the dream of our founder. If we cannot provide the basic needs and necessities for the most precious lives on this planet, then we as mankind have failed. Join our efforts in creating sanctuary orphanages. Help us give children the tools they need to become who they were born to be by providing spiritual counseling, love, nurturing, education, and much more! No longer should we fail. It’s time for us to provide our future the means to flourish!

Animal Sanctuary

The House of Angels Foundations wants to help all beings of this Earth which is why are creating an animal sanctuary. In conjunction with our other causes which are focused on creating healing and providing shelter, love and support, the animal sanctuary will be a place for animals to call their forever home. They will live their lives by serving the purpose of providing healing to adults and children through rehabilitation. Animals, as many people know, are the greatest gifts because they are some of the best healers. Our job will be to provide them with healing, support, medical attention and love while they live purposeful lives. We will take animals such as retired horses, farm animals, dogs, and so many more! Help us to build these animals a home while giving them a purpose in life. They will provide rehabilitation for all those in need to experiencing pure unconditional love and joy which only an animal can easily provide.

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