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African Himba kids

I am happy to present to you the “House of Angels-Foundation” the joys are overwhelming! I am so over joyed knowing everything we do will be helping people and transforming this planet. We no longer have to help people one person at a time. We are actually able to help by the millions as a nonprofit, the people’s church!

Our mission here is for many to share at once, but for starters it is to create a place where people from around the world can come as a non-denomination spiritual healing center. A place that is truly dedicated towards helping people and giving the help and guidance you need. With the wisdom and gifts, I have, not just from my travels and adventures from this life time, but from several life times of knowledge and information, you all will benefit much more by getting all the different ways combined as one clear path.

I want to create a spiritual mentor-ship that will be heard and felt through the hearts and ears of the world. I want to attend and speak at venues for children and adults. I want to continue a charitable outreach program for those most in need and in disaster zones. This Foundation wants to help all those most in need and provide the best support we can as we continue to grow with your help.

We want a place to communicate to the world where all can hear with in-discrimination and learn about spirituality, loving and helping one another. We want a place for everyone to hear about the help, charity and love that still exist in the world. We want the world to know that there still is a better world out there; not just crime, war and terror.

We will accomplish our mission through various forms of outreach to the community near and far. We are performing weekly online services that can reach around the globe, to inspire, make aware and give the messages we are given to share and create a positive spiritual awareness, of our creator and one God. Each week we will ask for donations to assist our Foundation’s mission and create a larger outreach to support our future goals of a center.

We want to create a school for those children out there that have been kicked to the side or shamed because they are different. Indigo children are gifts that most don’t understand. Well, from living a very blessed and fortunate life myself and connecting with some of the most amazing people that were here on earth, learning from them, studying with them, seeing how they did it, now I can. With your help for youth support we can truly move mountains. I have said all my life that I know that it is possible. I believe that all is possible not impossible and I’m here to show you this. By your generous donations and support now, the schools, the centers, the places that will be safe havens around the world can actually be purchased and built. We are here to be as a unity and now is the time to stick together and let your faith show.

You’re here as well to make a difference. Let’s get started, let’s move mountains, and let’s spread love around the world even to the outer edges of the planet.

Finally, let’s help those who are lost.

Blessings to all.

Your true messenger and teacher,


Tammy Adams

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